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JSC „Mida LT“

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JSC “Mida LT” - the only factory in the Baltic States producing polymer bitumen roofing products: flexible roofing tiles of different colours, modifications, thickness and bitumen flexible roofing tiles of different geometric shapes for pitched roofs as well as membrane roofing for flat roofs.

JSC „Mida LT“ (MIDA – is the shortened word combination from “soft coverings”) – one of the market leaders in production of both membrane roofing products and bitumen tiles. Every year investing into modernisation and extension of production facilities, implementing cutting-edge technologies and improving our reliable hydro-insulating roofing systems we have made a good name for our company and have a good reason to be proud of being capable to satisfy the demands of construction organizations all over Lithuania – they have already evaluated a perfect price –quality ratio of our products. A computerised process control system of two production lines ensures high work efficiency, but one of the most important values of our company are highly skilled professionals contributing to high quality and further development of our products.

JSC „Mida LT“ is a company that joins 90 skilled professionals.



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Adresas: Gamyklos g. 19, Gargždai LT-96155
Tel.: +370 700 44722 
Faks.: +370 46 455 167, el. p.: info@mida.lt 
Įm. k.: 110433047
PVM mok. k.: LT104330410